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  • Kapur, Siddharth Roy Kapur, indian film industry is well welcomed abroad siddharth roy kapur, Walt disney

    Indian Film Industry Is Well Welcomed Abroad: Siddharth Roy Kapur 2019-09-21 11:08:00

    Indian film producer Siddharth Roy Kapur, who is president of Producers Guild of India and Managing Director of The Walt Disney Company India, has said that the Indian film industry gets a warm welcome in foreign countries when our films...

    Keywords: Indian Film Industry abroad, Indian Film Industry, Kapur, Siddharth Roy Kapur

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    world’s best regarded companies, infosys 3rd Best Regarded Company in World, infosys 3rd best regarded company in world forbes, Walt disney

    Infosys 3rd Best Regarded Company in World: Forbes 2019-09-24 10:07:10

    Indian Information Technology (IT) giant Infosys has been ranked as World’s third best regarded company, according to a list released by Forbes of the 2000 best regarded companies. While American financial services company Visa and Italian carmaker Ferrari is ranked...

    Keywords: infosys, infosys, infosys 3rd Best Regarded Company in World, infosys in forbes

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    Netflix, Viacom18, up to the minute netflix in discussion to take indian content from viacom18, Walt disney

    Up To The Minute: Netflix In Discussion To Take Indian Content From Viacom18 2020-06-12 12:35:08

    Shows for Netflix are being created under the partnership of Reliance affiliate so that the US firms can expand offerings in India. Viacom 18 and the US Video streaming company, Netflix are in a discussion to source content, according to...

    Keywords: Reliance Investments, Viacom18, Viacom18, Netflix

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    disney, disney, disney movie soul and why everyone is praising it, Walt disney

    Disney Movie Soul and why everyone is praising it 2021-02-08 13:43:39

    You might have heard of everyone talking about the 2020 Disney movie Soul. Why has it become so popular and why is it getting such positive reviews? What is it about this Pixar/ Disney produced movie that is making everyone...

    Keywords: oscar, movies, movies, disney

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    Cartoons, Walt Disney, remembering the father of the american animation industry walt disney, Walt disney

    Remembering the father of the American Animation Industry- Walt Disney 2020-12-08 13:52:10

    Disney has had the biggest impact on all generations previous and coming by giving us the best animated movies and series in history. Children across the world have grown up watching Disney movies and the animated movies are liked by...

    Keywords: Cartoons, Disney world, Disney world, Disney world

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    International Lefthanders Day, famous people who are left handed, international lefthanders day 10 famous people who are left handed, Walt disney

    International Lefthanders Day: 10 Famous People Who Are Left-Handed 2019-08-13 11:34:14

    August 13 is marked as the day of International Lefthanders Day. The day dedicated for lefties was first introduced almost 30 years ago by the Club of Lefthanders. As per figures, only 10 percent of the people are lefthanders, and...

    Keywords: famous left handed athletes, famous people who are left handed, famous left handers in india, left handed philosophers

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